Know Your Rights

Unfortunately, most people don’t know their Constitutional Rights with leads to a number of problems for people dealing with the legal system, the criminal justice system, and with law enforcement official in general. A law enforcement official can be any of the following;

  • A Police Officer Who Works For a Police Department
  • A District Attorney, Assistant District Attorney
  • A Sheriff’s Deputy, The Sheriff
  • A sitting Judge
  • State Police
  • Federal Agents
  • Officers of the Court
  • Anyone with the powers of police, or defined as a law enforcement agent.

When interacting with anyone who has been designated to operate in the capacity of a law enforcement official, you should always be mindful of your civil & constitutional rights to ensure that you aren’t abused misused by law enforcement officials.

The best thing to do if you need legal advice is to consult a licensed attorney with experience navigating the legal areas in which you need help for the best advice.

To find the best lawyers possible for your situation, we recommend checking if your state has a board certification program for lawyers so you can get the absolute best legal representation that you can find.

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