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Arrested & Charged For A Crime in Travis County, TX?

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Your life can change the second you feel handcuffs around your wrist and are forced into the backseat of a police squadcar by one of Austin’s finest. However, this doesn’t mean you’re guilty of whatever they accused you of nor does it mean that Travis County prosecutors even have a case against you. It only means that you’ve been “accused” of a criminal offense in Austin, TX.

Accusations Must Not Imply Guilt

Arrested Man in Travis County, TXThe part about being accused is important because if you’re found guilty of the offense you’re charged with, your whole life could change in an instant.

A criminal conviction for a felony “or” a misdemeanor offense can and will have a negative effect on your life socially and professionally.

Also, a conviction could mean a lengthy prison sentence which will certainly throw one’s life into a tailspin.

Accused of a Crime in Austin? It’s Best to Lawyer Up

If you stand accused of a criminal offense in Austin or elsewhere in Texas, you have options. The best option is to seek legal representation from an experienced criminal justice counselor that knows how to successfully litigate a criminal case in the court of law.

The Defense Attorney For College Students

If you attend college at the University of Texas, Concordia University, St. Edwards University, or another institution of higher learning in Austin, we’ve represented many college students on alcohol offenses and have helped most of them to remain in school without any further interference with their studies.

With so much on the line, it’s important to have an experienced criminal justice lawyer in your corner fighting for you when dealing with criminal allegations levied by government agents, or in other words, police officers.

The Harsh Realities of Prison Life

When a person is in jail, they’ll not only have to endure the grimacing experience of being incarcerated in a prison facility that’s operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, they’ll all have to deal with their fellow inmates. This can be good or bad depending on the inmates and the crime you were convicted of or what the other prisoners think you were convicted of. If you’re a convicted child molester, prison life will be hard for you. If you’re young, prison life will be hard for you. Sexual assaults happen on a regular basis in jail, and if you’re not able to hold your own, you could be targeted for sexual assault by other prisoners.

Aside from serving prison time and possibly fighting off other inmates, you’ll also likely be required by the State of Texas to pay a fine which could be up to $10,000.00. If you’re released early, you’ll also probably be subject to community supervision or probation guidelines for years afterwards in addition to associated fees.

If you’re in need of legal representation for a criminal defense matter in Austin, contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

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