Its Best To Hire a Board Certified Defense Attorney

From time to time in Houston, a person may find themselves arrested for a criminal offense that they may or may not have committed.

Thus, they find themselves in the unlikely predicament of needing to find a criminal defense attorney to handle their case and provide legal representation throughout their experience dealing with the criminal justice system in Texas.

Most people, usually the people who end up in these unfortunate situations, have no idea of how to view the landscape of lawyers in a criminal defense practice, and much less, how to choose a competent one.

Thousands of Criminal Defense Attorneys in Houston

There are nearly 100,000 attorneys in Texas and thousands of criminal defense attorneys offering representation to people accused of criminal offenses in the greater Houston region.

One problem may come to mind in light of this fact. That problem we shall uncover in the form of a question, “How Do I Know Which Attorney Is Best Suited For My Case?”.

The answer to that question is simple.

Hire a Board Certified criminal defense attorney like Jack B. Carroll of Jack B. Carroll & Associates.

How Most People Find Their Lawyers

Most find there lawyers in one of a few ways which we’ve listed below.

  • They will get referred to an attorney by a friend.
  • Some people hire an attorney based on a name they overheard.
  • Others, will hire their legal representation from a mailer they received after they bonded out of jail.
  • Some will search the internet.
  • Others will commit intellectual suicide and allow a public defender to represent them.
  • People will also gravitate towards criminal law firms with flashy advertising or ever worse, fall victim to a rookie lawyer just because the have a great, easy to find website.

Sadly, none of these people ever search the website of the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for an attorney.

Who can blame them?

Most folks simply don’t know that there is a Texas agency charged with issuing certifications to only the best attorneys in their class and this includes criminal defense lawyers. The legal community as a whole, and specifically non certified attorneys, have done a great job of keeping the value inherent in a board certified attorney secret.

Why Board Certification is Important

Lets talk numbers.

Earlier, we discussed the fact that there are nearly one hundred thousand attorneys practice law in the State of Texas. According to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, less than 10% of licensed attorney hold the prestige of being in the ranks of the Board Certified.

The solution to our earlier conundrum is fairly simple. If you are looking for the best Houston criminal defense attorney to represent you on a felony, federal, or misdemeanor charge, start with the lawyers that hold a certification as an expert in their field from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Its Best To Hire a Board Certified Defense Attorney

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