Jail Overcrowding Can Be Easily Prevented

Jail overcrowding is problem running rampant in our legal system and I believe its for a handful of reasons.

  1. Draconian Punishments for Non Violent Offenders (Think Drug Crimes).
  2. The Difference Between Cocaine & Crack when it comes to sentencing.
  3. Those ridiculous Three Strikes Laws
  4. The rise of private “for profit” prisons. (I think this is evil.)
  5. The lack of “intent” when it comes to actually rehabilitating convicts.

Possible Solutions

Limit Punishment For Non Violent Offenders

We think punishment for non violent offenders, or shall we say perpetrators of victimless crimes, should be limited to 2 years in a halfway house type set-up. No need to put these people in shackles. They won’t hurt anyone. Just separate them from the public and work on making the people better Americans.

Its better than housing a man in a tax payer funded facility for 60 years for habitually selling crack. Or at least give these people the same slap on the wrist that users and sellers of the powder form of cocaine enjoy.

Three Strike Laws Are Just Plain Silly, End Them

Talk about the insanity of making up your mind before you know the issue, a law like this could have a man in jail for life for simply selling more than 2 ounces of marijuana, but less than 1 pound.

This nonsensical law is actually on the books in some states. This type of thinking is just plain stupid and inhumane. We think the federal government, in a perfect world, would come out against this like an uncaged tiger. So much for criminal justice.

Those Evil Private Prisons

There is something morally wrong when we can have companies that profit form the pain of others. That’s the pain of the criminal and the pain of the criminal. Private prisons create one dangerous problem; a major American corporation that profits from the imprisoned/enslaved. In the United States of America!

This has been the topic of many false arrests in small towns whose main employer happens to be one of those private prisons. That alone should be enough to make any freedom minded American quiver where they stand at the deterioration of our once great liberty loving society.

Do We Actually Rehabilitate Criminals in America?

For the number of people we warehouse in the American prison system, one can hardly say that we rehabilitate anyone with the way our criminal justice system has run. Unfortunately, it seems the opposite has happened. The prison culture has leaked out unto the streets. Look at the untold number of fools running around with their pants sagging and faces tattooed. Society has clearly made a sharp move to the downside and is awash in prison culture.

God Bless America!

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