Shoplifting… Why?

Shoplifting is one of the more commonly prosecuted crimes in Houston. These theft crimes are often committed by people who wouldn’t dare engage in any other form of criminal activity in their normal everyday lives.

Among minors, this is the kind of crime that can be a onetime dare on the basis of peer pressure, but it can also turn into a habit that could easily lead to other criminal activities that can get them into serious trouble.

How Thieves Become Thieves

It usually starts with stealing a piece of candy, then the sense of instant gratification is learned, and it all goes downhill from there. In short, if you can earn it without working for it, then why bother? This is exactly the psychological trap that most thieves all into, however, others seek theft to fulfill some inner kleptomaniacal desire that lies deep within them. Regardless of why whatever was stolen, theft, of any kind, is against the law in Texas and people arrest for crime indicative of their low moral will be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.

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