Interesting Drunk Driving Statistics

If only alcohol can easily be turned into a patch, then drivers wouldn’t easily get pulled over due to drunk driving. Some would even say they’ll know they’re extremely drunk when they’re seen walking out of a bar with their arms around weird (and not the good kind of weird), girls.

People can make the craziest jokes about drunk driving but in reality, it’s a serious matter. It’s no fun to get tested by walking on a straight line and blowing into a testing pipe before getting cuffed for DWI. A top attorney specializing in DWI, Tad Nelson, has defended hundreds of Houstonians who were falsely arrested for DWI and can likely provide assistance to you if you need it. If you’re looking for a defense DWI lawyer in Houston, don’t hesitate to call him at 713-489-7373.

Here are just a few of the glaring numbers which you’ll need to know before skipping out on assigning a sober, designated driver for a night out:

Every Day, 30 Deaths are Caused by Drunk Driving or DWI

Deaths occur as drivers bring dangers upon themselves, or when they hit pedestrians who happen to be walking by. Either way, it’s glaring to know how these daily, 30 deaths happen on every specific hour intervals just because drivers were not wise enough to just ride on cabs when they get back home.

1.4 Million DWI-Related Arrests

Just last year, it was found how 1.4 million were arrested due to Driving While Intoxicated. This is a huge number and on can just think of how daily occurrences can relate to the 30 mentioned deaths throughout the United States.

13,138 DWI Related Deaths in Texas from 2003 – 2012

In Texas alone, over 13,000 individuals have died due to drunk-driving related accidents. This means for every year, more than 1,300 people pass away because of not being wise enough to cut back on their alcohol consumption.

Most times, it’s really hard to say when you’ve already had one too many drinks at a night out. It’s easier to talk, and it’s more fun to laugh when there’s alcohol in your system. All of a sudden, you’ll think you can do almost anything after drinking a couple of shots.

Dread the 0.08% Rate when You Drink

You’ll know you’re too drunk to drive when your Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC rate reaches up to 0.08% or higher. It wouldn’t hurt to have an online drinking calculator with you, or even compute how much you can only drink when you go out.

If you like tattoos, then maybe you can find a creative way of tattooing the number of drinks you can only take on your arm. Bring a marker and strike on each number of drink you’ll have, and when you’re about to run out of your count, then it’s a little bit easier to get yourself together and step out of the bar.

Last night’s drunk-pranks and videos can be hilarious to watch when you wake up sober. However, these mentioned statistics should remind you to think twice before going over your limit. After all, saving lives matter more than getting freakishly wasted on a drinking spree.

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