Intoxicated Driving and the Unintended Consequences

Reasons People End Up Driving Drunk

There are a number of reasons why motorists may attempt to operate their vehicle while intoxicated. For some people, becoming intoxicated was something that occurred unintentionally, while for others partying it up and getting intoxicated was the whole idea. It’s understandable how some people can go to a bar, hang out with friends, have one, two, three, four, five, or six to minute a drink and end up in a car somewhere in Texas, veering from Lane the lane like a maniac. If the cops see this, the driver of that vehicle is in serious trouble and probably heading straight to jail within the next few minutes.

Possible Consequences of Committing a DWI

If the police discover and/or determine that a driver they pulled over is intoxicated, and the police verify this by their own means, serious criminal charges will follow. If a person is killed as a result of a car accident caused by a drunk driver, they’ll face charges that are too far from that of murder charges in a second-degree felony. Otherwise, a first or second DWI conviction will result in light misdemeanor criminal penalties as far as Texas law is concerned.

Get The Help You Need

Fighting allegations of a crime is best left in the hands of an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney that knows what they’re doing. If you try to fight the case yourself, or seek indigent defense, you’ll pay for it with your freedom says most DWI attorneys serving the people of Brazoria. On the other hand, if you find a qualified and dedicated defense attorney to back you up on your case, you can get out of anything granted that the facts and situation support your lawyer’s efforts.

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