Three Ways to Avoid Drunk Drivers on Texas Roads

According to the CDC, someone dies as a result of alcohol-impaired driving every 50 minutes or so. These statistics show just how many drunk drivers are on the roads today. While they are a danger to themselves, you are also not safe using the same road as a person that’s driving while intoxicated and below are tips on how to avoid such drunk drivers.

Buckle Your Seatbelt

The first defense against drunk drivers is your seatbelt. If you happen to see one ahead of you, make sure that everyone in your car is buckled up should there be a crash. Furthermore, having your seatbelt can reduce injuries.

Keep a Generous Following Distance

Houston Drunk DriverThis is also a good strategy of avoiding drunken drivers on the road. Never try to overtake the driver. Instead, keep a generous following distance between you and the driver so that you have an eye on his or her erratic behavior. Apart from just keeping your distance, be your brother’s keeper and call local law enforcement to come in pull the driver off the road.

Avoid Rushing & Driving

During the holiday season, celebrations usually end up with people drinking before driving home late at night. Therefore, your best remedy is staying at home in the evenings to avoid running into such fellows on the road. If possible, stay off the roads on drinking holidays and you will be safe.

A drunk driver can ruin your day and even have you hospitalized for a long time. Therefore, you need to stay safe by watching out for such drivers and doing everything possible to avoid them.

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