Fighting Sex Crime Charges in Galveston, Texas

Accusations of sexual assault require immediate legal representation from a sex crimes lawyer with experience fighting such allegations which includes commonly getting sex crime charges either dismissed or No Billed.

Important. Pay Attention!

Being accused by anyone, law enforcement or otherwise, of rape, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, or sexual assault of a child, your life as you know it depends on how fast you can contact a smart Galveston sex crimes attorney who is ready to immediately defend you and thwart falsely levied allegations and keep you out of jail.

There are thousands of innocent people in the custody of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, with hundreds of them being from Galveston County, who have been falsely accused of committing sex crimes. Each minute and second of time that you have between these heinous allegations, and contact with a Galveston criminal defense attorney who can help you, are precious.

Galveston, TX Attorney For Sex Crime Defense

Galveston Criminal Law Guru

Galveston criminal defense attorney Tad Nelson has been very successful in obtaining favorable results from Galveston County grand jury’s on behalf of his clients who have been falsely accused of crimes involving sexual assault.

With the vague definition of sexual assault in Texas, anyone could be accused of such a criminal offense prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Galveston sex crimes attorney Tad Nelson will hire a private investigator to dig up dirt on those unfortunate enough to have maid false allegations of any sexual criminal nature on your part. Once we litigate the case in the Galveston County criminal court and get the case no billed or dismissed, we can then move to expunge the record of the sex crime from your background.

Galveston Sex Offender Registration

Galveston Sex Offender Registration Search

If you’re found guilty of a sex crime your life can be considered essentially ruined. Aside from the pain or serving a prison sentence, you’ll have to get permission to travel outside of the jurisdiction of your residency, go through the embarrassing process of sex offender registration and reporting, and may even face ridicule by your community.

When I talk ridicule I don’t mean the soft passive type, we’re talking people picketing in front of your house, and/or posting your picture all over the neighborhood were children may gather.

Just think, you may have been guilty of nothing more than being 19 years of age with a wife or significant other who is legally defined as a minor, and you’re treated like a beast. Even worse, you may face sexual assault for accidentally touching a woman who has animosity for you and you, unknowingly, have given her a perfect excuse to put the criminal justice system in your life.

If this is in fact the situation you’re in, you should immediately contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates, in Galveston, by calling 409-765-5614.

Fight Sex Crime Accusations in Galveston County, Texas

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