Consequences for Cocaine Possession (TEXAS)

Arrests related to the possession of illegal narcotics like cocaine are on the rise in Houston, TX and there are some things that people arrested for cocaine should know about criminal penalties if found guilty.

When you are arrested for the possession of a drug like cocaine there are a number of factors involved in the determination of sentencing. The list below should help to illustrate the factors involved in determining the amount of jail time and monetary fines for drug crime offenders who are found guilty of crack-cocaine possession or a criminal offense in which cocaine is involved.

  • The amount of the drug in your possession during the time of arrest.
  • Any violent acts committed during the sale of cocaine or crack.
  • If it is an aggravated charged, meaning that a firearm is involve, this can compound sentencing.
  • Any prior criminal history related to the sale, use, manufacture, or distribution of cocaine, can also result in harsher sentencing in the State of Texas.

Potential Penalties for Cocaine Drug Crimes

Amount of Cocaine Offense Classification Potential Criminal Penalty
Less than 1 gram State jail felony Up to 2 years incarceration – $10,000 Fine
1 gram- 3.99 grams 3rd degree felony 2-10 yrs. incarceration – $10,000 Fine
4- 199 grams 2nd degree felony 2- 20 yrs. incarceration – $10,000 Fine
200- 399 grams 1st degree felony 5- 99 yrs. incarceration – $10,000 Fine
400 grams + Enhanced 1st degree felony 10- 99 yrs. incarceration – $100,000 Fine

As you can gather for the data above, the amount of jail time or monetary fine a person found guilty of cocaine possession may be facing is closely related to the amount of “weight” they had in their possession when law enforcement made the arrest.

Cocaine has a high potential for abuse and normally leaves death and/or destruction in its wake, therefore, the criminal penalties for any crime related to cocaine is going to be high.

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