How To Fight A Sexual Assault Allegation

Understanding Criminal Charges of a Sexual Offense

When a person is accused of sex crime in Texas, it’s only the beginning of what could only be a bad situation for the person accused. Such allegations can hit a family member against family member, professional against professional, and neighbor against neighbor. This is all before any investigation, any court hearing, and any evidence. When a person takes advantage of another, it is seen as a crime of moral turpitude which calls into question the character of the person accused. Keep in mind that the person was only accused and there is no prove to add any validation to the claims. But a claim so powerful can ostracize a person immediately. The sheer emotion, anguish, and pain associated with the victims of sex crimes can easily turn people against and accused party, in spite of the presumption of innocence. For individuals embattled with accusations of a sex crime, which is always a felony offense unless were talking about a misdemeanor prostitution charge, they will need to seek out and retain a good sex crimes lawyer in Houston that has experience defending people charged with sex offenses.

Resources for Sexual Assault Victims

There are lots of resources available for individuals who believe they are victims of sexual assault. There high lines, national resources, and community centers that are willing to provide the trauma relief that most sexual assault survivors need. For more information and resources for people who have survived a sexual assault, whether they are male or female, review the links below or call one of the national sexual assault Hotlines listed below.

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